An Accordion Scrapbook - produced, arranged, recorded and played by Ralph Thomas

Volume 1.1 May 2004    Dedicated to the Members of the Central Ohio Squeeze Box Society


*1. Lehar, Vilia                                          2. Two Guitars

*3. Tchaikovsky, Chanson Triste                4. Poor Butterfly

*5. Borodin, Nocturne                           ** 6. Bach Casserole

*7. Bach, Air on the G string                        8. A Good Man is Hard to Find

*9. Schubert, Serenade                           **10. Orange Blossom Casserole

*11. Herbert, Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life    12. Beautiful Days

*13. Brahms, Waltz                                **14. Opera Casserole

*15. Paganini, Capriccio                             16. Peg O'  My Heart

*17. Borodin, Polovetzian Theme           **18. Foreign Legion Casserole

*19. Albinoni, Adagio in G Minor               20. Dark Eyes

*21. MacDowell, To a Wild Rose

* Minimal Rubato Style: Single-note melody with scattered bass chords     **Casserole: Fast-paced medley               

Audio remastered and web page created by Keith Thomas.